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When will I receive my refund?

Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan

We’ll send you a confirmation email whenever we’ve issued a refund. The time it takes for your refund to show on your bank statement will vary depending on your payment method and bank processing times. In most cases, you’ll receive the refund within 10 business days of being issued.

In some cases - usually when a refund is issued shortly after payment - the transaction may be reversed instead. This means that your refund won’t show up as a line item on your statement, but the original charge will drop off instead, or the original charge amount will change in the case of a partial refund.

If you used a gift card to pay all or part of your order total, this amount will be returned to your gift card when a refund is issued.

If you’ve recently returned items and are waiting for a refund, please note that it can take upto 14 days for us to process your return and issue a refund.

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